YouTube Script Writing and Video Scripting.

YouTube Script Writing and Video Scripting.

YouTube Script Writing and Video Script Writing

A necessary addition to your marketing and SEO strategies, corporate videos and YouTube video channels grab and hold more attention than traditional marketing – but only when written to keep interest, educate and motivate your audience to act.

At we deliver the corporate video, web video and YouTube script writing services that generate results. Our writers have written it all in corporate marketing and specialize in promotional, educational, brand building script production and corporate script writing.

Whether you need a script from scratch, or have a script in need of editing, or SEO fine-tuning, we will work with you to script a video for products, brand building, tradeshows, YouTube, training sessions, shareholders and boardrooms.

The Power of Effective YouTube Video Script Writing

Corporate videos and YouTube are two of the most powerful drivers of marketing ROI available. Let’s check the stats:

• Video results in higher amounts of traffic to your web page.
• 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.
• 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.
• Landing Pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without.
• Video content is shared, on average, 1200% more times than links and text combined (Simply Measured).
• 45.4% of the American population watches at least one online video a month.
• Consumers watched over 48 billion online videos in July 2013, 7.4 billion minutes of which were advertisements.
• According to Forbes, if the information was presented in text or video, 59% of executives would rather watch the video.
• Video promotion is six times more effective than print and online ads (Atlas).

The missing link almost every corporate YouTube video channels, beyond horrible camera work, is the lack of powerful scriptwriting that generates excitement, drives audience and makes prospects pick up the phone and call you.

Each YouTube video should be a unique presentation and pre-planning your script enables you to budget the time and costs of using a professional Tampa real estate video script writer to align with your ultimate goals.

A professionally written voice-over or first-person script that supports and complements the lifestyle story you’re telling creates a viewer experience that generates action which means active customers becoming interested in seeing and hearing most about your company and product. In fact, for Realtors, research shows more than 40 percent of a viewer’s experience comes from the audio component of a real estate listing video.

We’re Experienced Video Scriptwriters and We Can Help

To create an emotional response, will create video script writing that generates excitement, drives audience and makes the prospect pick up the phone and call for a showing.


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