Executive Talking Points Announcing Corporate/Employee Relocation

Executive Talking Points Announcing Corporate/Employee Relocation

Executive Talking Points Announcing Corporate/Employee Relocation

During the growth of a company and/or with the consolidation of corporate assets there comes a time to address employees on the reasons and implications of relocating companies and/or employees.

There’s a good chance that employees have sensed that a major move is in the works and have been speculating what’s going on and how it will impact them directly.

While relocating assets may be designed to strengthen the company employees need information and need it directly from an upper level executive who is comfortable presenting potentially bad news.

What follows is a general outline of talking points that a senior executive can work from when breaking the news to employees. This is not a detailed breakdown of how the relocation will impact each employee – that will be the function of HR. This is designed to present broad strokes and alleviate some of the speculation and anxiety within the employee base.

Senior Executive Relocation Talking Points to Employees

Following extensive review and analysis of our entire business operations, the decision has been made to relocate company.

  • We will be relocating to the new company corporate campus in city, state.
  • This move will provide the opportunity for our company to:
    • capitalize on shared resources.
    • increase our visibility within company.
    • serve our customers at the highest level.
  • The transition will take place over the next 90 days beginning today.
  • Unfortunately, not all employees will be relocated.
  • Today you will receive specific information on your position.

We remain committed to you. If you are not relocating:

  • Human Resources will provide assistance in finding other positions within company.
  • We will also provide some tools to assist you in finding employment in our community.
  • Please feel free to direct questions to HR name, HR name or HR name in Human Resources.
  • We will be sure to keep you up-to-date on the status of our transition.

HR rep name is now going to hand out a personalized package to each of you. Once you have your envelope, please go to the location indicated on it where you’ll hear additional information about your situation.


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