Creative Conference Marketing – Swag in the Bag

Creative Conference Marketing – Swag in the Bag

Creative Conference Marketing – Swag in the Bag

Give This Conference Swag for Their ‘I’m Taking This Home with Me’ Bag

The difference between conference marketing giveaways (swag) that find a year-round place on an attendee’s desk and gifts that find the trashcan? Just a little creativity and planning.

Great conference marketing swag can quickly elevate your event to star status. To help you get going we’ve compiled great giveaway ideas that will inspire attendees and also ideas guaranteed to get left behind in the hotel room.

Gifts that Keep Your Logo Front and Center Year Round

Depending on budget the sky’s the limit for gift ideas that attendees will take home where others will ask “where did you get that?” Remember, all giveaways must carry your logo prominently.

Extending Umbrellas: You and your brand save the day. Everyone needs an umbrella and you are showing that you care about attendees’ well being even after the conference.

Captain’s Chairs: Your Captain’s Chair (with drink holders) is a coveted alternative to generic giveaways. If you’re on a tight budget make the chairs prizes for conference contests.

Mobile Chargers and Smartphone Skins: While the charger keeps the battery alive, your branded phone skin offers protection during the conference and throughout the year.

Reusable Water Bottles: Portable and leak-proof, attendees will fill up and keep your branded bottle with them long after the conference is over.

Match Giveaway to Occasion to create Swag Smiles

The best giveaways don’t have to break the budget when your swag complements elements of your conference marketing plan. Build on these ideas for gifts with your own creative twists:

Match Swag to Event: For tropical themes or beach events, offer branded flip flops, beach towels or sun screen. This can be a fun way to help people relax and get festive.

Tie Swag to Season: For cold-weather events offer branded hats and scarves or logo boxes of hot tea bags. For springtime events give away seed packets to grow colorful flowers (branded, of course), and so on.

Or, Choose Swag with Universal Appeal: Some gifts just appeal to everyone. One perfect example – the Magic Answer Ball. This will be popular throughout your conference and find its way onto every attendee’s business desk where he or she will look at your logo and remember you. Signs Point to Yes!

Eco-Swag Makes Giving Green Great Marketing

Giving eco-friendly swag can generate a feel-good emotion with all attendees. Here are some easy, Green ideas that everyone will enjoy (again, your logo on all packaging).

Reusable shopping bags: An everyday-use giveaway that showcases your logo and makes attendees feel like they are contributing in their own way, every trip to the store.

Seed packets: Beyond the standard seed packets, there are neat drink coasters embedded with flower seeds that bloom when buried and watered. Every time the attendee looks at the plant they’ve grown they’ll think of your brand and your conference.

Recycled/Sustainable Gifts: There is no shortage of gift possibilities for sustainable wood and recycled material giveaways. Cutting boards, drink coasters, bag clips, coffee mugs, etc. Almost all swag can be eco-swag.

Quick List of Generic Giveaways to Avoid

  • Keychains
  • Pens
  • Food
  • Anything bigger than a suitcase (if air-travel location)
  • Anything glass
  • Liquor

Best Swag for Your Conference Bag?

Creative conference giveaways will generate positive experiences and market your brand throughout the year. Consider the personal likes and dislikes, demographic makeup, etc., of your attendees and with a little imagination you’ll come up with great swag ideas.


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