Know When and How to Hire a Tampa Freelance Writer

Know When and How to Hire a Tampa Freelance Writer

Know When and How to Hire a Tampa Freelance Writer

During the normal workload of your marketing efforts the need to hire outside help can become very apparent. Instead of committing to the arduous hiring process and effort of bringing in a full-time staff writer for many Tampa Bay companies a professional freelance writer can be the perfect solution.

Here are some proven tips on knowing when and how to hire a Tampa freelance writer.

Know When it’s Time to Hire a Freelancer

When is it time to hire a freelance copywriter? When the time and cost demands of creating content outstrip the ability your company’s internal team to generate timely and powerful blogs, PR, whitepapers and any other marketing tools.

In fact, if you are not updating your blog regularly with original SEO content or if your website hasn’t been updated in a while you are wasting resources and it is prime time to engage the assistance of a professional freelance writer.

Hiring the Best Writer to Fit for Your Needs

Working with a freelance writer is different that working with a staff writer. Your professional freelance writer must have the ability to understand and translate into compelling copy any variety of subject matter, on time and on deadline.

Following are abilities your freelance copywriter must possess to warrant hiring:

  • The ability to ask about, and understand, your company and your marketing goals. A good freelance writer will learn as much as possible about you, your company and your marketing goals.
  • The ability to meet deadlines. Timing is key to marketing and if, for example, you fail to post a blog or update your website regularly it’s opportunity lost. You want a writer because you’re not currently meeting your deadlines. Your freelance writer understands this and will deliver on time or it’s Bye Bye.
  • The ability to actually write about any subject matter with perfect AP Stylebook accuracy. Beyond hiring a freelance writer who can spell, put sentences together, etc., is hiring a writer who actually writes compelling, on-goal copy.

What to Pay Your Freelance Writer

So you’ve found a great freelance writer and are ready to move forward – what’s the cost? There are a few different structures in place with marketing freelancers in any discipline:

  • By the word: Unless it’s a feature article destined for national publication this is pretty rare in today’s freelance marketplace.
  • By the article: This is the method used by writing professionals such as and is standard for most situations. The per-piece fee can vary on variables including length, number of drafts required, etc., but the freelancer will provide all specifics up front so there will be no bad surprises.
  • By the hour: Often sketchy because it can be difficult to know exactly how long any given project may take.
  • Ongoing fee or retainer: If you’ve found the perfect freelance writer this is the best way to bridge the gap between full-time staffer and one-at-a-time freelance writer. If you have ongoing projects this can be your best option because on a per piece or volume basis, this may be most effective in terms of cost.

Win-Win for Company and Writer

Instead of the cost and time efforts of hiring a full-time staff writer many Tampa Bay companies are turning to the many advantages of utilizing the services of a professional freelance writer as their best solution.

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