Stupid Realtor Marketing Practices that Kill Business

Stupid Realtor Marketing Practices that Kill Business

I work with the most successful Tampa Realtors on effective marketing programs that drive listings, generate sales and help my clients build long-term relationships with clients and in the community.

But, I also hear about a variety of questionable habits from both friends and clients on the stupid Realtor marketing practices that exist in everyday business and that can effectively kill a Realtor’s business.

This is a cautionary tale on what not to do. You’ve been warned.

Don’t Have a Realtor Blog. Don’t Want a Realtor Blog. Don’t Update Your Realtor Blog.

If you aren’t providing relevant, SEO-driven content online you are not going to found online by prospective clients. And the easiest, most cost-effective way to provide this content is to use the custom blog writing services of a Tampa freelance copywriter who has extensive experience in marketing real estate agents and their practices online.

Can you guess how to contact that professional freelance copywriter? Spoiler alert! You’re already here.

By delivering relevant content on an ongoing basis (which is exactly what Google is looking for on search rankings) on yourself and one the real estate subject matter clients are looking for you can instantly become their go-to source for everything real estate related.

Don’t Put Your Contact Info on Any Marketing Pieces

The prospect reads your marketing materials. Likes your website. Enjoys your custom-written blog. And reaches for the phone to call you but guess what? You’ve left your phone number and e-mail off the piece. Nine times out of 10 that person will not take the extra step to Google you. What will happen is they will simply go on to the next Realtor who has provided contact information and will give them their business.

Sounds simple but it happens all the time. In addition, if you make a prospective client complete long, complicated forms to contact you you’ve already lost them.

Ignore Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, those are for teenagers. If you’re not on social media you will probably become ancient history faster than you think. Set up is simple. You can be yourself while posting and every social media site drives people to your expanded website which Google really likes. Build brand. Provide personal/professional insight. Make your unique services known.

Never, Ever Update Your Website Content

Your website is your online business card and in order to get people to Google to notice your site you must provide relevant content and present it often. This is where a Tampa freelance copywriter can help by delivering fresh, effective content for your Blog and throughout your website.

Market Smart. Market for Success.

Effective, professionally created Realtor marketing programs can drive listings, sales and help you build long-term relationships with clients and in the community.

If I can answer any questions, please let me know. My phone number and contact e-mail is on every page of this website.

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