The Nine Core Characteristics to Look for in the Best Freelance Copywriter

The Nine Core Characteristics to Look for in the Best Freelance Copywriter

What to look for in the Best Freelance Copywriter

Finding the best freelance copywriter in the Tampa Bay area is tricky because, like you, each writer brings his or her own personality and professional characteristics to every project. But there are several common sense personality traits to look for when interviewing prospective writers. And here they are…

  1. Listens. Then Writes.
  2. Dry Facts
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    Go In –Motivating Benefits Come Out: The best Tampa freelance copywriters have the ability to digest dry corporate facts and translate them into easily understood benefits in the hearts and minds of your customers. You don’t detail the science behind how a car airbag works you show how the family is safer when they buy a car that has them.

  3. Extensive and Accurate Vocabulary Both Spoken and Written: Writing is stringing words together to form a thought. Great copywriting is using each word as a tool toward achieving a specific goal. And beyond that is an OCD dedication to punctuation because all it takes is one grammatical error to kill your message.
  4. Focus: Distraction kills the ability to write crisp, effective copy.
  5. Motivated by Deadlines: The best freelance copywriters are paranoid about deadlines and therefore able to plan ahead and map the process to ensure not only quality but quality on time and on budget.
  6. Understands the Process: While every business is unique they all do share things like approval processes, collaboration and more. A writer who has written for a company similar in size to yours is key. And because the written words are part of a bigger overall project such as a web page or ad campaign which includes working with designers, etc. great copywriters demonstrate flexibility and patience.
  7. Consistency with Clarity: Great copywriters know their craft and know how to generate great copy every time out. While it may take a draft or two depending on client demands each version presented will be that much closer to perfection.
  8. Pragmatic without Drama: Flaky “creatives” are known and feared for their shifts in mood. The great freelance copywriters are able to see the big picture and the process and then fill in the steps in a logical, controlled manner.
  9. Curiosity: Freelance copywriters often choose this profession because of the wide variety of clients who they write for. Otherwise, they would be working within a company writing the same basic thing over and over again. Because of this curiosity it means that they will be very interested in the uniqueness of you and your company and will deliver copy tailored to your specific needs.

To find the best Tampa freelance copywriter look for the common sense personality traits noted above when interviewing prospective writers. You’ll be happy you did.

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