What to Expect With a Tampa Bay Freelance Copywriter

What to Expect With a Tampa Bay Freelance Copywriter

What to Expect With a Tampa Bay Freelance Copywriter

“How exactly does the process work?” This is almost always the first question asked when a prospective client contacts me for the first time.

The fact is that most businesspeople in the TampaBay area are used to captive, in-house marketing departments and their writers. They are used to massive bureaucratic hoops to jump through, maniacal marketing directors only interested in job preservation and cut and paste text because it’s the path of least resistance for a salaried copywriter.

A freelance copywriter, such as experts at TampaBayWriter.com, is in business because they want to do for a living what they love to do and that’s write. But many businesses are nervous because they don’t understand the process. Well, here’s some insight.

A Freelance Copywriter Asks, Understands, Then Writes.

You don’t write for a living. But a Tampa copywriter does, one who is a professional writer and makes a living by generating the highest quality freelance:

  • Web Content
  • Custom Blogs
  • Corporate Communications
  • PR
  • Ghostwritten Articles
  • Any Marketing Materials to Help Your Business

These services will free up budget so you can focus those resources on what you do best. Because of this a quality copywriter will want to make sure they get it right the first time and the best way to accomplish this is to ask questions and understand exactly what the client is looking for.

The more information provided the better the end product so be prepared to speak directly about your goals you hope to achieve from the project. This means answering questions, providing background information, giving feedback and more in time for the entire process to meet deadlines.

Editing – Fast and Flexible Until It’s Right.

Edits and changes are business as usual and freelance copywriters (at least experienced ones) understand this and are happy to make any corrections or changes to unsure their client’s satisfaction. A freelance copywriter is an extension of your business and dedicated to ensuring your complete approval before anything goes public.

No-Surprise Billing.

A Tampa freelance copywriter is a professional writer hired on a contract basis. This means the writer/client contract will detail the scope, timing and costs of any given project and will also detail the client’s legal responsibilities. Through this contract you will understand before any work is done all fees, timetables, expectations and final deliverables. No surprises are a good thing.

Deliverables – On Time, On Budget.

A freelance copywriter’s income directly depends on the service delivered to clients. Because of this a Tampa freelance copywriter is more responsive when it comes to deadlines, immediate-need project and more. The bureaucracy inherent in a corporate marketing department often means headaches and slow the response/completion times.

A Tampa freelancer such as TampaBayWriter.com has the bandwidth to take on any new projects on instant notice, complete the project faster, offer a fresh perspective and complete the project on deadline.


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